winter wheats


ACTIVUS Mid early awned variety listed in Austria, ACTIVUS is avery good trade-off between protein and yield. ACTIVUS is a fairly tall variety and exhibits good behaviour regarding frost and diseases. The variety is recommanded by french millers' industry.  logo pdf
ADRIATIC Early-maturing soft wheat for biscuit with high potential of yield. ADRIATIC presents a good averall disease resistance. The variety is recommende by french millers' industry for biscuit use. logo pdf 
ALESSIO Awned wheat from Austria, mid late to mid early winter type. Rather tall, hardy variety with a good frost resistance and a good behaviour to main diseases. High protein content and high specific weight. ALESSIO is recommanded by french millers' industry as an organic wheat. logo pdf
CHRISTOPH New, mid early winter wheat and rather high, CHRISTOPH has a very good behaviour regarding diseases, frost and lodging. High quality wheat with high protein content and specific weight.  logo pdf 
ROYAL Listed in Switzerland in 2015, ROYAL is an mid late to mid early winter wheat. Rather high, the variety is also frost resistant and has very good disease resistance. ROYAL also have a very good covering power. Selected for its nitrogen efficiency, the variety has excellent breadmaking qualities.  logo pdf
UBICUS Awned winter wheat, mid early and fairly high variety, UBICUS presents rather good tolerance to yellow rust and good trade-off between yield and protein content.  logo pdf