Advances in genetics

In 2001, our BIENVENU variety has revolutionized triticale market and has opened area of early and productive varieties. Since them, many breeders have continued to improve yield, often at the hardiness' expense. Nowadays, many varieties are susceptible to powdery mildew and yellow rust.

At LEMAIRE DEFFONTAINES', we have always considered that triticale should be rustic by nature. To meet producers' expectations, our selection choices favored hardiness and qualitative aspects : protein content, specific wheight and, of course, yield potential.


Make your yield jump

Photo Jokari


High yield and low inputs


New high yielding variety

VariétésAlternativitéPrécocitéPoints fortsFiche
ALAMBIC alternative type early Early-matuting and high-yielding variety with a good disease resistance logo pdf
ANAGRAM mid alternative type mid early High-yielding variety and good behaviour to diseases logo pdf
BIENVENU alternative type very early Early maturing, high yielding ad high protein content logo pdf
BIKINI alternative type early Good potential of yield and good resistance to main diseases logo pdf
BILBOQUET  mid alternative type  mid late to mid early New, high yielding variety with a long straw. Good resistance to main diseases.  logo pdf 
EXAGON mid alternative type early High-yielding variety with a high specific weight an high protein content. logo pdf
JOKARI mid alternative type early Early-maturing and high-yielding variety with a good behaviour to mildew and yellow rust. logo pdf
KITESURF mid alternative type   mid early New, high-yielding and vigorous variety with a strong vegetative development.  logo pdf 
OXYGEN mid alternative type mid early Good potential, hardiness and grain quality. logo pdf