Protein peas

LEMAIRE DEFFONTAINES is a family business specialised in the creation and selection of straw cereal an protein pea varieties. The company has research programmes on various species.


The company has been involved in a agro-ecological approach for several years. Our aim is to provide farmers with practical solutions in terms os species diversity and varietal characteristics, to make production systems more resilient, preserve natural resources and mitigate the effect of climate change.


Spring peas are one of the best crop to precede wheat and oilseed rape, sown between mid february and the end of march, the harvest takes place from june to july. They help to control weeds and diseases in the main crops throughout the rotation. The spring pea doesn't need nitrogen fertilizer as with symbiotic bacteria in its root nodules enable to absorb nitrogen from the air, saving nitrogen for the next crop and well-structured soil.


Today, LEMAIRE DEFFONTAINES offer a wide range of varieties. Some of the most productive and protein-rich peas in Europe such as CORTEX, CAPTUR, ANGELUS, BATIST and BELMONDO.




Varieties grainEarlinessAdvantagesVariety description
ANGELUS yellow mid early high yielding variety with a good resistance to lodging logo pdf
BATIST yellow mid early excellent yield potential / protein content compromise logo pdf
BELMONDO yellow early

high potential of yield and good resistance to lodging

CAPTUR yellow mid early high potential an high protein content logo pdf
CORTEX yellow mid early high yield and very good stem strenght logo pdf
GREENWAY green mid early New, very high-yielding variety logo pdf
PROSPER yellow mid early New, very high potential of yield and good resistance to lodging logo pdf