BIKINI is a very alternative triticale. Its alternativeness, its earliness and its vigor at start allows to sow it from November to the end of march. BIKINI has confirmed its resistance to yellow rust and its excellent yield potential in organic situation.

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JOKARI Mid-alternative and early triticale, JOKARI is fairly high and low sensitive to lodging. The variety has an excellent yield potential, and was listed in Italy with a score of 113% of controls. Protein content and specific weight are above the average. The variety presents good behaviour regarding to yellow rust , mildew and rhynchosporium.  logo pdf
KITESURF KITESURF is a a new high-yielding variety listed in France at the end of 2019 with a score of 104% of controls. KITESURF is a mid alternative type and relatively early-maturig variety with a vigorous and strong development. KITESURF shows a high resistance to yellow rust and mildew. logo pdf